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How to Use Dry Powder/Diskus Inhalers Right?

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A dry powder inhaler is an instrument that pushes a powdered drug straight down the lungs. It is usually used as treatment for respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma and the like.

A diskus is a breath-actuated DPI that delivers a specific measured dose as you breathe in quick and deep. It is typically a bronchodilator-corticosteroid combo that is prescribed for daily use. Read on and find out more details.

A diskus inhaler is made up of four key parts: the mouthpiece, the grip, the cover, and the dosage lever. Just like other inhalers, a diskus has its own method of use. First you look at the dose counter unless it’s the first time to use the inhaler. You usually need to use both your hands for this, especially if you’re a newbie. Now slide your thumb on the grip to open the inhaler - once you hear a click, that means it’s open.

To load the dose, hold the diskus across and push the lever down until there’s yet another click. Remember that the medicine is stored in a tiny chamber, so holding it in another position can displace the drug and keep you from getting the right dose.

Prior to inhaling, exhale fully then cover the mouthpiece tightly with your lips, inhale deeply and hold it for around five seconds so the medication can move down perfectly. Now release your breath slowly and away from the diskus. It is important to breathe away from the inhaler so it stays free of moisture, preventing drug particles from clumping up inside. This also means getting a full and fresh dose whenever you use the inhaler. And not to mention moisture promotes the growth of bacteria as well.

Another important thing to remember is to breathe in as quickly and forcefully as you can so you can pull up the entire dose from the inhaler with enough power. You hold your breath for the next five seconds so that the drug can be effectively distributed in your lungs. Make sure you close the diskus right after using for the same reason that you breathe out away from it - to prevent moisture from getting inside.

Finally, there are many advantages offered by a diskus compared to other kinds of inhalers, such as dosage consistency, direct deposition of medication and flexibility (different respiratory medications can be used using the diskus delivery system). This is why many doctors prefer this type of inhaler for their patients. Check out more info from this webpage -

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